We wanted to take a moment and give you an update on what measures we have taken and precautions we have put in place to protect our employees, our customers and provide an environment that you will feel more than comfortable coming back to.

As a restaurant/bar we have always taken food safety, cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. We have always insured that we wipe down and sanitize flat surfaces including tables, counters, bar tops chairs and cigar ash trays.

We will continue to exercise these best practices but will include video lottery machines, ATM machine, check presenters, pens, condiments and all the above mentioned surfaces every morning before we open, after each use and again at the end of the night. We will also be using wipeable menus and will be wiped down after every use.

Our employees will be wearing face coverings including all bartenders, food runners and all kitchen staff. Kitchen staff will be wearing gloves as an additional precaution.

For our customers, masks are mandatory to enter and must be worn at any time you leave your table and at all times while playing video poker.

We have reconfigured both of our bars to ensure that tables are 6 feet apart and that there is sufficient room for customers and employees to move freely about. We will not be allowing the moving of tables or chairs unless it has been prearranged through a reservation. We have placed signs on the floor near the bars indicating where to wait so that that we don’t encounter a line while ordering or paying your tab. In the cigar bar, the humidor will remain locked and our bartender will be the sole point of contact with the cigars inside. Please let them know what you would like and they will provide it to you.

We believe that with the best practices that we have always used along with these enhanced procedures we will be able to create and safe and enjoyable experience for all of you! We are very excited to welcome you back and to serve you in both of our bars! The Steakhouse will be opening in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for all of your support of The 9900!