With Jason’s long successful history of owning businesses over the last 20+ years, he says his true passion in business lies in teaching, training and inspiring employees to be better. It is this skill that allowed his previous businesses to thrive and grow and his biggest accomplishment was the length of employment that most of his employees  had with the various companies. He has instilled that same approach at The 9900.

Jason Chambers was born in Aurora, Colorado with one older sibling Jeff. His parents currently reside in Estes Park, Colorado. He graduated from Westside Christian High School and Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

Jason’s childhood dream of becoming an attorney ended when he ditched his dreams to go to law school after he realized he ‘really didn’t like school’. Shortly after this realization, he moved back home in his early 20’s and purchased his first business. While operating that business, he stumbled upon an idea to make the purchase of a cellular phone more accessible and easier that it had ever been done before and opened Activate Cellular. As owner and CEO, Activate operated carts and kiosks in major malls and was the first company to do so in the state of Oregon and Washington. Over 18 years, Activate grew to over 100 locations throughout the country before selling in 2014.

In addition to being a partner at The 9900, Jason can be found on property almost daily. ‘I do whatever is needed’ he says. If it’s busing a table, greeting guests at The Steakhouse, or enjoying a cigar and bourbon at The Chamber, he really does do it all. Be sure to shake hands and say hi to Jason.