Heather Milligan

Heather started out in hospitality during college in her home state of Florida and fell in love with the industry. After college she relocated to Portland and immediatly started bartending in downtown Portland restaurants and bars throughout.

After bartending, she found a home at The Stockpot Broiler in Beaverton. There, she worked all the front of house jobs over the many years of service there. In short time, she managed The Stockpot before being hired away by Rock Creek Corner. 

Within a short time at Rock Creek Corner, she once again worked her way up to general manager. She worked closely with new Executive Chef Jamie McDonald at Rock Creek Corner and is excited to bring the experience and know how to The 9900. 

Heathers mantras are: 
High standards of service in a comfortable manner
The staff knowledgeable and friendly
Seamless service in tandem with high quality food